I use mine every day, and it works a treat :)


I was looking for something natural and good for sensitive skin. I wanted something moisturising, with antibacterial properties, something that helps the fight in killing fungi, yeast and bacteria, and found this in Coconut with its lauric acid properties which works to protect skin with its anti-microbial capability.


The Organic Beeswax, straight from the hives certified organic, as soothing, hydrating properties, and forms a protective barrier helping to absorbed moisture, without clogging pores.


Organic Ingredients:

  •  Beeswax Soothing, hydrating, moisturising.
  •  Coconut oil, good for dry skin.
  •  Cocobutter: hydrating and prevents skin from drying.
  •  Sunflower oil: moisturising.
  •  Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil: improving skin health, anti-inflammatory.
  •  Fragrance or therapeutic grade essential oils.


Natural Deodorant - 75gr



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