Soft and smooth

Organic Ingredients:

  • Grapeseed: good skin moisturiser
  • Rosehip Oil: High in Vitamin A, E.C.  linoleic and alpha linolenic acid.
  • Argan: Anti-aging properties,
  • Jojoba: Contains powerful antioxidants, an excellent moisturiser;
  • Apricot kernel: Promotes supple and soft skin.
  • Hempseed: Skin cell regeneration, high concentrations of fatty acids
  • Sweet almond: Rich in vitamin e, good for dry skin.
  • Wheatgerm: loaded with vitamine e, moisturising.
  • A blend of Therapeutic essential oils or fragrance.


Contraindications: People with grape allergies do not use, also if you experience any adverse effects such as redness, rash; itching, discontinue use.

Natural Face and body Lotion - 50ml



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